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Topic of the month: The new generation of DONI Insoles: 3D printed!

We work hard to keep you playing harder!


In the meantime, word has got around that manually manufactured, individually fitted sport-dynamic insoles are performance-enhancing and injury-preventing. Therefore, many Bundesliga players, top athletes and everyday enthusiasts have their insoles fitted by Sport-DONI.

This not only has advantages for the athletes but also for Sport-DONI: Innovation comes about when ideas and materials can be tested in high-pressure situations.

And "Ta-daah,"... the next generation of insoles is born: Measured and molded on the foot, an individual prototype can now be used to 3D print the insole. It took a while to get the foot shape and individual support needs properly captured in the software that drives the printer, but it's now done (patent pending).

You wonder what are the advantages of a 3D insole?

  • greater resilience of the material (more hours of use),
  • increased energy return to the foot
  • and the most important - fast reproducibility!
    Once the foot is measured, individual insoles can be reordered without the extra time spent at Sport DONI (we will miss you, but better for you!)
Fynn N Nicolaus / DONI

This means that a second pair, or a replacement pair, can be made and shipped immediately without having to put a trip to Sachsenheim on the calendar. (Checkups should still be scheduled every 6 months or if there are significant changes in the body). The only disadvantage for some may be that the first insole - compared to the conventional DONI-insole - is more expensive. In return, the second insole will be much cheaper than the handmade DONI-insole!

Conclusion: If you have a high wear on sport-dynamic insoles or have little time, then the new 3D-DONI Insoles is perfect for you!

Interview: Handballer Fynn Nicolaus

We talked to the first test person of the 3D-insole: Fynn Nicolaus (handball player, circle center TVB, junior national player and in the elite squad of the DHB).

Sport DONI:     Fynn, how long have you been playing handball?
Fynn:                Since I am 8 years old.

How did you get to work with DONI?
The trigger was my father, who was already being cared for by Markus Dolch - DONI - during his handball days. At first I only bought shoes, but when it came to professional sports and the Bundesliga, I realized that I had to do everything I could not only to take care of my health, but also to improve my performance.   And that's where the DONI insoles are great. Injury prevention and performance improvement in one.

How has this performance improvement shown up? Or is that just a feeling you have?
No, no, it was not just a feeling. As luck would have it, we did performance diagnostics shortly before I got the new insoles. It's called a drop jump. You jump from a box and then immediately jump off as high as possible. The contact time on the ground and the jump height are measured. At the first measurement I didn't have any insoles, but two weeks later we repeated the test - this time with the DONI Insoles. The difference in both measurements was really significant. So it wasn't just a difference in daily form or something. Especially the contact time was significantly lower - so exactly what you want.

You've been wearing DONI 3D Insoles since September. How does it feel to play with them? Do you notice a difference compared to the previous insoles?
Yes, you notice it clearly. The insoles are even lighter, flatter - they are all one piece. You really have the feeling of being even more precise, harder and more dynamic in the shoe. Especially as a heavy player, I need the hardness and stiffness of the material to absorbs the force. I am really super satisfied!

Fynn, we wish you a good season!