work shoes adjustments



Process for the individualized care in your work shoe

Sport-DONI beds you comfortably and safely in your work shoes with the help of proven, approved and individualized care in your shoe.

Here, finally, someone looks not only at the appearance of your shoes, but also at the shape of your feet and the way you move. By customizing insoles to your foot shape, you are ensured better support and comfort in the shoe.

Especially at work, it is important to stand on a good footing so that you can maintain good posture. This, in turn, keeps you more efficient and fit through reduced pressure points in the shoe and less foot and muscle fatigue.


Your benefits

  • improved ability to stand
  • increased concentration
  • stronger movement control
  • improved blood circulation
  • faster recovery of the foot and leg muscles (after stress)
  • a much more even wear of the shoe sole
  • longer durability of the shoe

Insurance relevant details

In order for insurance coverage to apply in the event of an accident, it is essential that any modifications to a work shoe or to the bedding within it (e.g., by means of an insole) are manufactured in accordance with the design (BGR 191) and in accordance with certified manufacturing instructions.

Here is the path you should follow to get maximum support from insurance carriers for your customized fitting in the shoe.

  1. Download below all the document that may be applicable to you - they are all in German, since that is the only way insurance carriers accept them.
  2. If you have a safety officer and/or company physician, it is best to fill out these documents with this expert as they can directly answer questions about administration and also reimbursement.
  3. Ask for a certificate of necessity and bring it - together with your work shoes - to your appointment with us.
  4. After our measurements, you will receive further documents (e.g. a cost estimate, measurement documentation and diagnostic documents) from us, which will be helpful for your reimbursement.
  5. Then we will make your customized insoles in a single session: on your foot, for your shoe, and in your presence. No break-in, no "getting used to it" - soothing, natural fit from the first minute.

Reimbursement for customized foot protection supplies

DRV (Deutsche Rentenversicherung - German Social Security) - at least 15 years paid-in contributions

The following certificates must be submitted here:

  • G100
  • G130
  • "Notwendigkeitsbescheinigung des Arbeitgebers"
  • Ärztliche Befundbericht (Opinion and report of an orthopedic specialist)
  • Datenschutzerklärung (Privacy policy - only importnot for "OSM")

Unemplyment agency - if paid-in less than 15 years

Call the country-wide Hotline at +49-800-4555500 (German only - in most cases)