Sport-specific footbed



Pain in your shoes ?!
Not with us: No pain, no pressure, no discomfort anymore!

Today's footwear and the surfaces on which we mostly move do not allow the naturally healthy, flexible movements of our feet. Therefore, we measure your feet (static, dynamic as well as body posture in gait pattern / walking analysis) and then manufacture the function-specific / dynamic "DONI Insoles" for you. These help the feet to free themselves from their passivity and to enable (give back) a natural, healthy function.

DONI's goal is to create an active system for your body: individualized tension in the arches of your feet, body-specific cushioning, and better posture. He achieves this through individual bedding, i.e. orthopedic customization of an insole fitting in the shoe. This allows the foot to build up reactive force and absorb acting force.

Your benefits

  • long-term comfort
  • reduced foot and muscle fatigue
  • increased shock absorption
  • improved motion control
  • reduced risk of sports injuries
  • faster recovery of the foot and leg muscles (after training or competition)
  • ideal sole solution for hallux, heel spur and diabetic care (extremely comfortable and relieving)

DONI-Insoles in work shoes

Your work shoes can also be made to fit more individually with our DONI insoles.
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