Solutions & Services

DONI offers top-notch service from the health enthusiast to the performance athlete. You run, hike or walk? You play handball, soccer, volleyball or tennis?You ski or board? Then you are at the right place!

We create for and with you dynamic-orthopedic-natural-individual insoles using an unique fitting technique. We equip you for your sports activities.
Listed in the menu under "services", you will find our service categories, which we offer (by appointment) in our specialty store. To learn more, please click on the respective sub-item in the menu.

Customized insoles and shoes as well as other customized and/or worn merchandise are NOT returnable.


Research and development - Important at DONI

To stay up to date, we at DONI also keep track of and check-out innovation on the market.

A new measuring device [HUBER 360] from Chattanooga is being introduced here. It measures the body, analyzes the neuromuscular activity and thus leads to therapy suggestions for doctors and/or physiotherapists.

These therapies help in the short or even medium term. Long-term prevention and support can, of course, only....? Correct! work with Individually adapted, dynamic care in the shoe!

Just come by and learn more about DONI Insoles!