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DONI was founded over 25 years ago by Markus DOLCH and Rainer NITSCHE as a sports and ski cellar. In the old town of Sachsenheim they started in February 1987 mainly with ski and ski boot service.  Today DONI is a full service company when it comes to sports specific foot bedding, insoles, ski boot fitting or even sports clothing and sports accessories. However, DONI's most important and "cross-product"/cross-sport strength is its practice-oriented expert knowledge and the resulting advice.

Since 1989, Markus Dolch, as the sole owner of DONI, has continued to refine the technology, materials and application of insole and sports boot fitting. Through the molding technique of sole construction he developed using the highest quality materials from medicine, Formula 1 and also aerospace, Markus Dolch has earned a unique standing and excellent reputation. He is part of an international team of sports experts specializing in optimized foot bedding and the development of materials to be used. As a Sport Shoe Fitting Expert (see also the logos), he has been cooperating since 2015 with a Swiss colleague who is the local specialist in a similar field. Together they bring new ideas to the manufacturing industry through their experience or working with the athletes.

Diverse & Individuel

Due to the close connection of the employees with local, regional and even national sports teams, another field of activity has developed in addition to the retail business: Supporting sporting events. From informational and educational events to running events,...Wherever athletes - from sports professionals to recreational athletes - are found, DONI will try to demonstrate to the public the health benefits of best practices for walking, running, jumping, etc. with educational displays, explanations and practical examples.

Today, more and more young and older non-athletes with movement and posture problems come to DONI - often recommended by orthopedists or surgeons.

The individually fitted insoles help many people to have a better day at work, a nicer afternoon hiking or simply a pain-free "being on one's feet".

Do not hesitate, come and feel what is possible!

Our Team

Markus Dolch
Founder and Owner of Sport-DONI
Business economist HA, orthopedic technician, SKI boot modeler
Former soccer player (Second BL), Extreme Skier

Gabi Siegle
Customer service/accounting
Supplier Management
Amazon Specialist
Former handball player

Thanks to the many unnamed helpers who have supported and shaped DONI as it exists today. We also salute our cooperation partners: